Citizen Pollution

Citizen Pollution is a phenomenon that is closely linked to the consumer society that has had tremendous growth in the last century. Basically without going into academic definitions is the use of chemical products manufactured in large quantities componenentes that damage the human habitat or that once used, waste or debris become polluting forms of the earth's surface and its evaporation produces changes in the natural composition of the atmosphere causing environmental damage and consequently the health of the inhabitants.

One of the icons of this pollution, but not only is the growth and universalization of the use of plastics in a wide range of products of daily life. Replacement Glass (recyclables) in the manufacture of packaging and container, the evolution of technology and the proliferation of devices composed of this element, as well as the well-known contamination of massive plastic bags used in supermarkets.

Another factor is undoubtedly linked the increased in everyday life, one of the most provocative of pollution-generating power plants based on coal and oil, which cause strong dioxide emissions carbon dioxide (CO2). That is, until there is a significant change in the matrix generating energy, electricity use is directly proportional to the pollution.

You can not miss the mention of automobiles powered combustion engines of petroleum fuels such as heavy pollution triggers citizen. For decades there are urban centers such as Santiago de Chile, and Mexico, the movement of the fleet should be planned to travel 4 days a week because the so-called "smog", which is nothing but carbon monoxide (CO2).

The excessive use of paper using the pulp of raw materials, indirect contaminant is a citizen, since the generation of the pulp, causing the deforestation of areas considered the world's lungs, as the prime example of the Amazon in Brazil . We do not link these things easily, but its consequences are further determinants of climate change to cause damage to the layer of the atmosphere designed to filter the input ultraviolet rays from the sun

But the list of pollutants is long and all citizens are guilty of any, since the "comfort" that we create make us forget the evil that produced the environment. As a memory exercise, we mention the batteries, car batteries, cell batteries, PET bottles, tires, components of electronic circuits.

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