Pollution of rivers

The river pollution is a problem older than the pollution, but with the increasing population of the cities that were born on the banks of the same, the volume of both organic waste product of sewage, and chemical as consequences of industrial development, increased so that the same waters are affected so that its composition is no longer natural, affecting both fauna and flora that eats the same as the humans who drink.

The examples in the world's rivers have suffered irreparable damage and provocation are many of them are usually due to the prioritization of setting up of industries and factories that create jobs, but their waste production cycle. The big companies that started mainly in Europe, after having caused damage to their countries and that they themselves may legislate to prevent installation, emigrated to underdeveloped countries where there were no such requirements and laws that put a framework for the installation of these plants causing damage to these countries again.

The example of this, we are experiencing at this stage of civilization in Eastern countries, mainly in China, where the impetuous industrial development has caused environmental impacts on rivers that have caused the transfer of large populations that inhabited the banks traditional extracted from the same river you need to live, both from the point of view of nutrition and generating income to cover other basic needs.

The industry manufactured and installed installed on the banks of these rivers to use, go paradox, the same water for their production cycle, so as to have low costs, then punish the same shipment to its source all types of chemical contaminants and harmful to animal life existing in it, and killing much of it. In this way, and fishing decreases, the water you can drink safely and those who lived it have to migrate to the negative consequences that this entails.

Another factor that negatively influences the survival of the rivers, mainly in countries with high agricultural production, and without the indiscriminate use of insecticides established protocols and herbicides, which are often scattered by airplanes spraying, falling part of them into rivers, adding to this the washing of the remains have also produced fish kills in waterways used.

Contamination with sewage system without having a treatment prior to arrival at the river, is very common in developing countries, causing an excessive increase in the amount of coliform bacteria with subsequent development of disease. They are famous rivers like the Ganges in India where religious grounds is customary to use it for rituals such as the morgue for the dead in them, braving the heavy pollution of wastewater.

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